Alimar rock aquarium backgound Rocky 3D backgound and modules in African cichlid aquarium Amazonas aquarium backgound in the tank Terrarium rock waterfall Amazonas XL aquarium backgound AFstyle 3D rocks in aquarium tank

Aquarium backgrounds by AFstyle

AFstyle has been offering a wide range of aquarium backgrounds, terrarium decorations and 3D module rocks for all standard tanks and XL sizes for more than 15 years. The products are an exact replica of natural stone, rocks, boulders, wood and roots. We attach great importance to the quality of our products, strength of the materials, durability of paint coating, stylish design - these are the distinctive features of all AFstyle products.

AFstyle team has been working since 1998 for those having good taste.

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Why AFstyle?

Why AFstyle backgrounds?

What does AFstyle brand mean? What do we guarantee and how do we produce?

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Aquarium gallery

You can see AFstyle backgrounds and rocks in different aquarium and terrarium tanks.

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Background tank installation

Please read our tips how to install AFstyle backgrounds and rocks.

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If you want to own a tank with African cichlids or a reef aquarium, create the underwater world of the Amazon, or maybe feel the real Borneo tropics, or you are just looking for new ideas and inspiration to renovate your good old tank, you'll find everything here in our catalogue. There are various models of backgrounds and special modular elements for standard and non-standard aquadesign and aquascaping. All these products are three-dimensional and can be fixed to aquarium glass, they can be easily cut, combined and glued.

Depending on their thickness all AFstyle backgrounds can be divided into 4 basic groups: 

  • slimline such as Malawi and Slimline backgrounds;
  • semi-slimline like Sumatra and Kerala;
  • medium like Rocky, Borneo or Amazonas;
  • XXL sizes which are Alimar and Amazonas XL.

You will find lots of useful information on our website, e.g. how to install your 3D background, combine the rock modules or make your tank look unique. We are constantly creating new models and are not going to rest on our laurels, we are looking for new rocks, cliffs, and roots to shift all the wildlife beauty to both our and your tanks. Join us and create your own unique aquarium with AFstyle.